Friday, February 6, 2015

Karma to Burn/Sons of Alpha Centuri- Split 7” (H42 Records H42-005)

Split single with the US instrumental stoner rock band, Karma to Burn and the other side features Sons of Alpha Centuri, a band I have not heard of.  Karma kick things off with a track called 53. Well, if you like Karma, you will dig this track… nothing really new for these guys but a solid rocking riffing track with a good groove.. That is basically what this band delivers… Alpha Centuri are also instrumental and have a more clean, less low end production but some really cool intense changes in the track with just full on forceful playing. The keyboard textures are interesting and different in the context of the music and one might think don’t fit at all but somehow it works.. There is some spoken words stuff at the end. Remember side B plays 33rpm while side A is 45rpm!

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