Friday, February 6, 2015

Shiva’s Nat- Gimme Your 7” (H42 Records H42-009)

Shiva’s Nat, the local Copenhagen rock band is back with a new 7”, on the heels of their highly successful debut on Bilocation Records, home to many cool Danish acts. There is very little information on the 7” sleeve but if you go to the web site you can find that Maria, the drummer from Cherry Overdrive (they broke up in 2013) is playing the drums on these tracks. Side A starts off with Gimme Your and is break from the blues rock of the first record and a pretty hard hitting 60s (due to the organ sounds and more low fi production) garage rocker. Powerful, raw vocal also. Flip the record over for Lovebug, a melodic sex driven simple 60s inspired track as well with a very cliché organ line, used in 100s of songs but it rocks! It is a different direction from the band’s debut album but solid tracks.  Rock and Roll…

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