Friday, October 10, 2014

My Brother the Wind- Live at Roadburn Festival 2013 (Roadburn Records RBR035)

I only caught about half of this really cool concert due to other bands I had not seen before were playing that I really wanted to see. It is great that most of the concert is represented here in 5 pieces of music spread over 3 sides of vinyl.  Sulpur valley Dawn (maybe this inspired the album over??) starts things off and you really feel like you are there in the audience waiting for it to all start as the band slowly get things going and you can hear the audience chatting before Mattias brings in the first guitar lines and the psychedelic trip begins! About 4mins the drums and bass really kick in and off we go with some great psychedelic guitar phrasing and wah guitar that flows so effortlessly over the cool bass lines of Ronny. At 11mins Nicklas puts down his guitar and switches over to the digital mellotron for a nice space change. The end is very intense with Ronny and drummer Daniel, really killing it.. Side 2 starts with Ancient Caravan, an mystical Eastern inspired piece that slowly grows into something else. There is an amazing guitar solo by Mattias at the end of this track when Nicklas reverts back to the mellotron for some haunting voice like sounds. Very cool.. The Mountain Trail features some really nice slide guitar continues a bit the mood of the haunting Eastern feel but a bit more spacey. It brings back great memories. The opening track on Side 3, further up the Mountain Trail features some truly amazing melodic guitar playing from Mathias. What a wonderful track. Into the Cosmic Halo closes out the record in a hard rocking manner. Excellent album. The bands new studio album is coming out on Oct 14th as well. I will try to review that as well.

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