Friday, October 10, 2014

HYPNOS- HYPNOS CD (Crusher Records CRCD026)

Hypnos is a young new five piece Swedish band playing NWOBHM style music mixed with that 70s influence that bands like Witchcraft and Graveyard took to heart. The bio says it is boogie rock but it is a bit more heavy metal that 70s hard rock that so many Swedish band excel at. Lots of songs about good and evil and a great rocking album. The CD has 8 tracks and starts off with the fast paced Hands of Evil. This melodic rocker also reminds me of Horizont as well, both with the style of singing and harmony guitars. Some great parts that also will remind you of Thin Lizzy, perhaps and cool changes in this track. A good opener Hypnos is a more laid back track in the bluesy way the guitar lines start things off and then it kicks in with full force and some powerful vocals and a great guitar solo section. Nightmares slows things down a lot to start with a Graveyard like vocal style but then the track really picks up. This band has a lot more lead guitar than Graveyard or Witchcraft, which is really nice. Fantastic song. Moving too Fast does indeed speed things up to a quick boogie rock track and also highlighting the excellent singing of Philip. The Mountain is a another fast one with a lot of harmony guitar parts over the nearly 6min track. Invaders really took me back to the early 80s NWOBHM bands that were more 70s hard rock inspired… Some great guitar solos in this track and a great sense of vocals phrasing and delivery. Abracassus again has this dual guitar phrasing in a track that really bounces along with a nice groove and some intense singing ala Ian Gillan! How to handle Madness closes this record and is a very fast song and one I can see the audience really digging live. A great debut… Good work guys..

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