Sunday, June 22, 2014

Tir Na Nóg- I have known Love 7” (Crustacean 49)

I have only heard the name of this duo (Sonny and Leo). This EP features 4 tracks including the title track, which is an old Silver Apples track but they have really turned it into a cool track of the own. Really nice mix of instrumentation with guitars, small percussive insturments, nice layers of vocals, fiddle, and probably other things.  You in Yellow is a beautiful acoustic number with less complex instrumentation but a mournful violin solo. There an official video for this track as well.

The Angelus is a bit slower track again with primarily acoustic guitar and violin and singing and an cool spoken word like part as well. I Pick up Birds at Funerals ends the EP and is sung by Leo, while I believe Sonny sings the other songs. It features a fuzzed out electric guitar in this short track. On the promo CD there is actually an extra track called Andria, which is not on the actual 7” but a fun hapy summer song!.  Enjoy..

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