Sunday, June 22, 2014

Quantum Fantay- Terragai (Progressive Promotion PPCRCD022)

Quantum Fantay is lead by Pieter Mush, who plays the synthesizer and writes and composes all the songs in this band, a bit like the Ed Wynne of Ozric Tentacles, except Pieter is not a guitarist. Anyway, their new CD features 10 tracks of instrumental progressive space rock with a lot of influences coming from Ozric Tentacles. The band have over the years created their own version of this type of sound and the CD has a great sound production and many fabulous songs to get lost in like the opening Journey to Earth. The band experiments with some different instruments for instance on Aargh there is harp, bagpipes and acoustic guitars. Cowdians features Joachim Wanayn on banjo! Like the old classic OT sounds, there is flute on most tracks. I have really enjoyed this record a lot and if you like the Ozrics and want to hear a band that plays a great tribute to the band, using many of Ed’s genius ideas and themes but throwing in a few unique twists of their own, check this out..

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