Saturday, June 21, 2014

Demon Head- Demon Head 7” (Levitation Records LR012)

Demon Head are a new local doom band that sounds a lot like early Pentagram. They released a cassette tape a few months back but it has sold out now. This 7” has 2 tracks and is released in 500 copies, each numbered and comes with an insert with the lyrics. Demon Head starts things off and takes you back to 1973 and the basement where Pentagram used to get stoned and jam! The track is a slow, melodic and menacing track. I love the almost psychedelic guitar at the end. A great song. Flip the 7” over for Winterland. This is a more melodic and easy going track with a steady groove and a catchy theme and some nice harmony guitars at the end. This is a really promising new Danish band, so please check them out..

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