Sunday, March 16, 2014

The Temperance Movement and Graveltones- BETA, Copenhagen March 15th, 2014

I was not at all sure I would know anyone at this show tonight but I wanted to go and check out the Temperance Movement. I had read a lot about them in Classic Rock Magazine and bought the double vinyl record. My friend Anders is working at the club so he was there and later Freddy (Fuzz Manta) and Morgan (Shiva’s Nat) showed up but other than them I knew few people. It was nearly sold out this show so a lot of people (120 or so).

          At 22 the Graveltones hit the stage. They are a duo of drums and guitar and from the UK. I think they played 35mins or so and just now have their debut album out. The singer/guitar player has a cool guitar tone and he had a lot of pedals but stuck with this gritty sound and an octave sound he used in like three songs. I really liked the lyrics to his songs and he was really passionate. The drummer was a heavy set guy and really pounded his kit and had great dynamics. They were tight even though I wanted them to be more loose and jamming. I enjoyed the set but still don’t understand and never will why these bands choose not to have a bass player. It can only be better, not worse if they choose the right person and it opens up your options of what you can do so much more. I heard others say they reminded them of the Black Keys (I never heard them) and White Stripes.

Set List: Bang Band, Off Shelf, St. Lucia, Money, CMOTF, No Good, Newby, I want your Love, Boom Boom

All the gear was setup for the Temperance Movement (no moving of amps or changing the drum kit) and the band did not come out for over 30mins. The crowd was more than ready for their 2nd show here in Copenhagen. They played KB18 last year, apparently. 23:05 they hit the stage. They opened up with Pride and it seemed a bit extended with a longer guitar solo from the short haired guy on the left. Singer has a great voice a bit like Chris Robinson meets Joe Cocker or something. He was a bit hoarse or sick tonight and you could see he struggled a bit. The band has some great bluesy grooves and you can really get pulled in at times but they also use all the predictable sing alongs (“hey, hey.. oh..oh.. etc..) and stick very close to their record. I had read in Classic Rock they like to mix things up and jam but it was not really apparent to me at this show, where if the singer is not doing well, what better chance to give him a break and do some longer jamming and play less songs. They did two songs in the middle of the set where the singer played acoustic guitar. One, the guitar player on the right, he did a really nice longer solo. The singer, he really seem to get into the last couple of songs but otherwise he was pretty boring as a frontman but he sang his heart out. Anyway, it was a fun show but not sure I would go see them again unless I check out some shows on line and find out they are jamming more but I guess they will go in a more not less mainstream sound after this. Let’s hope not..

Set List: Pride, Ain’t no Telling, Midnight Black, Fight with a Smile, Know for Sure, Smoldering, Lovers and Fighters, Chinese Lanterns, Only Friend, Take it Back, Serenity (Battle Lines was on the set list but the singer said he needed to rest his voice so they did not play it). 

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