Saturday, March 15, 2014

Crystal Jacqeline and The Honey Pot double 7” (Crustacean 47)

There are 7 tracks, 6 of which are covers from very famous bands. Some of the cover versions are credited to Crystal Jacqueline and other The Honey Pot. Things get started with Pink Floyd’s Remember a Day. Jacqueline has this airy dreamy voice which suits this song well and this is a very cool version with lots of unique elements tossed in. Wow… It’s Raining (Icarus Peel) is an uptempo and happy track and features Crystal (the man of the group!) on lead vocals and features a really psychedelic section of music before returning to beauty. White Rabbit (guess who?) is served up in a quite extended version of nearly 5mins and this is really fantastic as well with an almost like Spanish music vibe where they repeat the lyrical section again. Tick Tock (The Fleur de Lys) has a very funky vibe and somehow sounds familiar. Egyptian Tomb (Mighty Baby) also has a quite dreaming feeling to it but also is a very happy and uplifting track. Puppets (Curved Air) is another beautiful track. The double 7” ends with I had too much to Dream Tonight. I highly recommend this record. Every track is totally skilfully performed and delivered in this group’s own unique but also accurate renditions.

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