Saturday, March 15, 2014

Electric Moon- Mind Explosion (Sulatron Records st1402-2)

This is a new live release recorded at the cool club, Graf Hugo in Feldkirch, Austria last September. It features 4 intense jams over 70mins and is released on CD (500 copies) and a double vinyl in 1000 copies. The recording is very raw and in your face but great. The opening track starts mellow with some keyboards but then it just builds into a screaming psychedelic guitar freakout like you have never heard by EM.. This is going more into the direction of the Heads, Acid Mothers temple direction. Dave eventually departs from freakout mood and plays some more melodic parts. Very intense drumming and repetitive bass lines help to create the intensity of the track. The keyboards return at the end. Kaleidoscopeephole starts slowly with some delay guitars as the 22min trip begins. The mid-section the band are trying to find a new path but eventually head back to the tried and true very heavy riffing space guitars with lots of effects before the track reaches its end with a nice come down. The Picture continues with more heavy, repeated and stoned riffing as Dave experiments with what other effect combinations he can come up with to blow your mind… The last track Mind Explosion starts with some keyboards, layers of effects from Lulu and Dave before it attempts to turn it all up a bit higher with the intensity and the band burning up and collapsing on the stage… Maybe….

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  1. Hey Scott, ended up on this page of your blog looking for a pic of the album that is currently blowing my mind (Mind Explosion) and couldn't resist checking out another music blogger site. Great review of the album. I have also been checking out F/i, Zone Six, Space Debris and evidently YOUR band Oresund Space Collective. What a weird strange world the internet is!

    My site is more personal, but you might find it interesting to check out the post I wrote about F/i and Electric Moon.

    Here is the link:

    Have a good one.