Sunday, March 23, 2014

Dirty Grass- It’s all About (Levitation Records LR008)

Dirty Grass was a project that grew out of the Danish band Ghost Rocket. This material was recorded on a single weekend in June 2008. The band was led by Morten Aron (Spids Nøgenhat, On Trial, Aron, Ghost Rocket, and many other projects). He was joined by Hobitten (played in most of the same bands, except Ghost Rocket) on guitar, Claus Rosenblad on drums, vocals and organ from ghost Rocket and Sigurd Djurhuus (Tidsguest) on bass and organ. It is a very short EP with 7 songs in about 23mins. It was pressed in 500 copies on two different colours of vinyl. How to describe it??? Very raw psychedelic garage rock.. Check it out if you are fans of the these cool Danish projects..

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