Saturday, March 15, 2014

Mindwarp- Mindwarp EP (Acid Cosmonaut Records ACD-004)

There was not a lot of information about this band in the promo sheet except they were formed in 2012 and are from Brindisi, Italy and play instrumental heavy psych. Ok, so I just cranked the 4 track EP to see what it revealed.. Haarko-Haari starts things off and the band really seem to be in search of a direction on this track with it all finally coming together towards the end. Check out this video: 
 Adrenochrome is pretty simple stoned riffing and like the first track without any real solos by the guitar, just switching riffs and in search of a groove, which they occasionally hook but again not that interesting of a track until the wah guitar at the end but this section was far too short. Excuse Me, I have to go to Space Now is by far the coolest track on the EP with some really beautiful music leading up to the heavy rocking section. Iramocram ends this 20min EP. It has the heaviest groove of any of the tracks but not much that really grabs you. I guess this band is pretty new and clearly still searching for where to go with their melodic stoner rock. I would say this is not psychedelic at all and not very heavy either. Check them out and make your own decision…

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