Sunday, March 23, 2014

Marblewood- Marblewood (Talesyn Productions TAL003)

Marblewood is a new band featuring the guitar player and bass player from the Swiss blues rock band, Ginger, who are taking a break it would appear from their website. David Zurbuchen (drums), Michael Marti (organ) fill out the band. There are also two other guests on hand drums (Sandro) and vocals on the track, Splendor. This CD features 6 long tracks in 70mins. Kailash starts things off with a pretty heavy rock track that almost reminds me of some of Wino’s solo material and bands. The middle section is an improvised jam with a slow evolving guitar solo and later the organ joins in as it really builds up. The female bass player, Ariane is really good and helps to lead many of the pieces as David really rocks on the drums. Hit the Breaks reminds me of Siena Root with it uptempo and organ driven rhythm and trading guitar and organ solos and cool lyrics about the fate of humanity! Splendor features the talents of Sandro on dilruba and esraj, which gives the track a really unique sound with these strange Indian instruments. Sarah Weibel guests on vocals after the spoken word part by Marc. Marc later plays a very intense wah guitar solo as the track really builds with some intense drumming. Silence is a 10min track and starts very slow and bluesy and a very depressing lyrical theme but some damn fine lead guitar work, so passionate. Postwar Apocalypse continues with the heavy lyrical themes and features a more heavy guitar riff. David plays some synths on this track as well. The last track, is called In the Beginning and this is the first jam the band had when they hit the studio back in August 2013 and it is a 21min long instrumental piece. You have to be patient but you can hear the beginnings of the band on this one long track. Great fucking record….

You can download this cool album for free from the bands web site below.

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