Saturday, March 15, 2014

The Movements- Like Elephants 2 (Crusher Records CRCd014)

 About 6 months ago, this psychedelic rock group from Göteborg released the first part of this two part series. This CD is only 37mins long and although they could have combined it into one, they split it into two records. This one has 11 tracks and starts off with Six Feet Under, which is really spacey to start and then it floats into the beautiful track with wonderful vocals, acoustic guitars and nice synthesizer complementation.  Stolen Love reminds me of a track from Baby Woodrose and includes a short psychedelic guitar solo. Ice Cold is a short ballad with acoustic guitar and piano (at the start). Give it to Me reminds me of the US artist Phideux, except the drum sound is more raw. Everybody needs Something is a more uptempo and dynamic psych track. I just love this guys singing. Man, he is so expressive and cool. Again, it reminds me abit of Phideux, the way he sings sometimes. Redemption is an mellow track with some pedal steel now and then that gives it this slight country flavour. Yesterday, Now and Forever picks things up and this track features some brief slide guitar parts to compliment the sound before the farfisa solo takes the lead. Like Elephants 2 is a bit droney and has this feeling for winter and one you could play at Christmas!  Winter’s Calling has a very cool bass groove as the band jams it out a bit. I hope they play this one live. What would happen if I Tried ends the CD with a relaxed track with organ, shaker, acoustic guitars and a nice build into a psychedelic ending..   Another cool record..

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  1. For those across the water, 'Like Elephants 1 & 2' will be available on vinyl in the US this May, together for the first time. Please point your compass to for more info …