Sunday, April 7, 2013

Rock Masters Band- March of the Pink Fat Elephants (Secret Entertainment SC019)

This is a fairly new Finnish band and I am still not sure what to make of them after hearing this album several times. This is their 2nd release.  The CD starts off with Strange as it feels and you will notice the QOTSA influence straight away especially the way the chorus and guitar line sync together. The end of the songs has a cool psyched out guitar section. Bravado, Bluff and beauty is next and starts off driven by mainly bass and vocals before the guitar riff kicks in. They mix in some cool sections in all the songs and have several guests on flute, violin, cello and castanets. . The CD has some more moody tracks that start slowly as well like Travel in Style and State of the Art. One More Bend, Once Again is the last song and an uptempo rocker. It is sometimes very mainstream and not like stuff I like at all but then other times they suck you in with these really cool psychedelic rock songs. I would say the best comparison is they are the Finnish equivalent of QOTSA. Musically, they are very good at sounding just like QOTSA but the vocals are unique.

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