Sunday, April 7, 2013

Mammatus Cloud- Mammatus Cloud (MC001)

Mammatus Cloud is a pretty cool Danish band form Jylland. They have been playing around since 2008 and made two previous demos CD-Rs. They are big fans of the ├śresund Space Collective but sadly I have missed every one of their shows in Copenhagen. This is their first professional release and a cool 30 min psychedelic experience. The CD starts off with A Season without Rain (never can happen in Denmark!). IT starts pretty heavy and psyched out and then it comes down to earth and the male and female vocals sung in unison come in during the slow section but the song builds up again pretty quickly. Heavy spaced out guitar riffs take over the soundscape once again for nearly the rest. No real guitar solos just a wall of heavy fuzz and space that fills the room. Space out stuff. The Wrong Kind is like a heavy blues song to start with some really spaced out vocals with long delays. Pretty psychedelic. This track melts directly into an Open Door, which is really spacey at the beginning. It has a more stoner rock like feel but is damn groovy and the bluesy vibe returns again. Very cool track. Black is a 8 min psychedelic stoner rock track with a nice groove and some echo-reverb vocals but not so far out you can’t understand. Man, when he hits that space pedal on the guitar, the band really flys and it not afraid to jam and experiment. All of the tracks on this CD were recorded live in the studio with only the vocals overdubbed. A very cool release. Glad we are having more and more of these great bands popping up in Denmark…

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  1. \m/ Mammatus Cloud \m/ are the stuff nice heavy psyche a must have "The Wrong Kind" Slayssssssssss chase these cats for a copy ....
    Hey Scott how are ya buddy Great work