Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sundial- Mind Control (Acme Records tangerine mm16)

Gary and Sundial are back with another new psychedelic experience. While I was not really that wild about the last generic stoner rock record they made, this is some really cool stuff. The opening track, Mountain of Fire and Miracles, has that psychedelic feeling and reminds me of the Dead Flowers from their last LP, Altered State Circus. A repetitive guitar and bass line and spacey floating keyboard. Radiation starts more slowly with some strange electronic noises and delay guitars as the drums and bass keep a steady rhythm. The flute (or keyboard) takes the lead on this journey, which never really climaxes but just spaces out. Burned In closes the A side with a very short instrumental you will hardly notice. Flip the record over and Mind Control starts and it will remind you a small bit of the classic Sundial track, Mind Train but not nearly as psychedelic or intense. It has a real repetitive groove with the keyboard again leading the psychedelic path. It has some pretty spacey slide ebow guitar as it heads towards the end and the next track, Last Rays of the Sun. This track is again more lead by the keyboards and is a very beautiful slow trance of a track. In every dream home a heartache starts with acoustic guitar and reminds me of the Hawkwind song, Assault and Battery with a similar melody. This is only the 2nd song with vocals. A quite heavy guitar riff kicks in the first real guitar solo on the entire record but a cool psychedelic one. Anyway, a pretty cool record but if you were hoping for the guitar oriented sound of the bands early stuff, you will be disappointed. Pretty psychedelic record though.

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