Sunday, January 20, 2013

Deep Space Destructors II (Self Released)

Deep Space Destructors are a 3 piece group from the Northern Finnish town of Oulu (way up there!). This is the bands 2nd release and it comes in a very cool foldout sleeve with amazing artwork but little information! The four songs are: Beneath the Black Star, Deserted Planet 2078, Spacy Phantasy and Sytli (They are very difficult to read in the sleeve). Beneath the Black Star is a 9½ min journey that starts slowly. The vocal comes in about 1/3 of the way. The music is mostly slow doomy, melodic vocals with a great bass lines like early Hawkwind stuff. Some spacey lead guitar comes in at the last minute before they return to the main theme. Deserted Planet 2078 starts very slow and bluesy. It has a dark mysterious edge to the music as it builds up but it always comes back to the melodic vocal section. Almost exactly half way through it starts to get more psychedelic with some added guitar effects for a brief period before the bluesy guitar returns and then off to a jam. Cool effect on the bass and the guitar becomes more spaced as well and then a back to more uptempo and intense riff. Spacy Phantasy starts with some melodic vocals, some space wind as the melodic guitar riff slowly builds up the piece, which is very riff based. Sytli is sung in Finnish and the longest track on the CD at 11½ mins. It is a slow floating melodic track to start and then about 5mins in a more hard riff kicks in and it goes back to a more doomy theme like the first track and an intense ending. Overall, they remind me a lot of some of the early First band from Outer Space material! A similar vibe at times.  Check them out at Bandcamp. Cool stuff..

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