Sunday, March 4, 2012

Ararat II (Elektrohasch CD155)

Ararat is a Los Natas side project and something totally different from Los Natas. It is both dark and light in nature, with minimal vocals and very bass driven, as the guitar takes a backseat. The CD features 7 tracks over 56mins.  El Carro starts the record off with some south American whistles, a repetitive guitar riff and then some acoustic guitar comes in and some cool synths sounds float across the landscape in this instrumental opener. Caballos is next and lasts for 16mins. This is mostly bass, drums and some ambient spacey keyboards for quite a long time as it slowly takes form. He starts to sing slowly as it builds in intensity. A long journey but not that captivating. Lobos de Cuerra has a much heavier bass riff and is also very repetitive. El Inmigrante is a very nice track with acoustic guitar. Atenas is another shorter track but also really interesting with mainly piano and some spoken word samples. La Ira de Dragon (Uno) is another 15min long journey. It features some female vocals and is by far the most psychedelic and interesting track with multiple cool layers of stuff in this mainly bass and drum track. Tres de Mayo ends the 56min trip with another piano driven track. I am not so sure if I like this that much. IT is very stoned in someway and just sort of prods on and on and is not quite dynamic enough for me at times. Still pretty interesting record and I don’t have one quite like it.  

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