Sunday, March 4, 2012

Vocokesh- Seeing it from the Inner Side (Pure pop for Now People)

Vocokesh are back with a new limited edition record out in only 200 copies on the cool German label, Pure Pop for Now People. Side A starts with the song Theme from Get on the Train. It is a shortish track with sitar and an eastern vibe, a bit dark and mysterious. The next 3 tracks are all about 5 mins each starting with Jam in D. Richard plays an amazing spaced out wah guitar solo on this track. Act 2, Eddie plays his Theremin is a very slow track with some crazy piano, searching guitars and just a weird jam. The title track closes side A.

          Side B starts with Joe gets his Gun, which is a really slow super spacey instrumental version of the classic, Hey Joe. Really cool guitar playing on this track. Music for a really bad Spy Film is next. IT is a spacey noodling track with interesting interaction with the two guitars and then a cool groove kicks in like some sort of space psychedelic surf thing. Cool. Take the Slow Train has some really psyched out guitar freakout stuff in the right channel while the left channel guitar plays the freaky delay guitar part. Far out…

          I actually picked up the Electric Indian Blues record by Vocokesh that this label released as well at the same time, before it goes out of print and it is also very cool. Sadly, these are probably the last recordings with John Helwig, who played guitar and bass on both these records, as he passed away in 2011.

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