Sunday, March 4, 2012

Øresund Space Collective and ILDHU- BETA, København 2/24/12 Øresund Space Collective and ILDHU- BETA, København 2/24/12

This was our first concert of the year for ØSC and our first in 6 months. Everyone was pretty excited to play. ILDHU was already loading their gear into the elevator at the back of the venue when I road up in my Christiania bike filled with all my synths, stands and merchandise. It was a damn hard ride as the wind was very strong and blowing right in my face for the entire 1.5km..  Anyway, all was well and people were in a good mood, the venue is really nice with each band having their own backstage room, etc.. with a fridge full of drinks, one case of beer and fruits and snacks. We each got 80kr for food to eat out.

          ILDHU hit the stage at 22 and played a 50min set of melodic Viking stoner indie rock.. I am not sure how to describe the band. I spent some years playing with these guys in Gas Giant but now they play much more simple music, all sung in Danish (great lyrics) but sometimes heavy stoner rock like stuff with some jams as well. They have a dedicated 20 or so people, most of whom I am friends with as well who come out and see them and really enjoy it. The ØSC fans in general did not really like it much, that was my general impression.

Set List: Himmel og Jord, Gnisten, Blomsten, Troede de var Dig, hil du Frænde, Nordens Vind, Farvel, Kom til Mig
Øresund Space Collective

          We tried to change the drum kit, and get all the synths set up as fast as we could and get started as we had to stop at 01:00. Rasmus, the sound guy was really nice and professional. Three people from Malmö from the Kristallen group of people came over and saved the day with making some very nice projections on some white screens they set up that really enhanced the atmosphere of this normally very black room. Anyway, we hit the stage and I guess there was about 60 people and we played the alphabet set (every jam in a different key starting with A to G). the combination of Pär on bass and Christoffer on drums was a lethal combination as far as energy as I felt we hardly had a let up at all and played damn high energy space rock. The Jam in E was particularly memorable as Mogens played a killer synths-organ solo. Wow.. The guitar players (both named Nick) were great together and played lots of cool solos and textures. It was a great concert and we had a lot of really positive feedback from the audience, We sold a few shirts and CDs but no vinyl this night. I should mention also that Sabine drove all the way from Hamburg to see us play and Sue was here from England as well. There was a Hungarian guy who was also really into our show..

Set List: Jam in A, Jam in B, Jam in C, Jam in D (for Sabine),, Jam in E, Jam in F, Jam in G


  1. Listening to this at work right now. Pär on bass, awesome! Was he the bass player on Mothership Machinery? For how monumental that track is, it's his bass playing that really moves me.

  2. Yes.. he was playing bass on Mothership.. He will also play with us in the next studio session. I think he is really great to take us into new and interesting places. Amazing bass player...