Saturday, December 3, 2011

Wo-Fat- The Gathering Sky (Nasoni Records Nasoni 112)

This is the debut record by Wo-Fat from Texas. It was originally only released on a CD back in 2006. The songs were much shorter back then but the band still had this amazing heavy bluesy psychedelic groove and analog production sound. The artwork is really nice on this double vinyl gatefold and there is also a vinyl only bonus track called The Call of Zuvembie. Anyway, the record starts off wit The Wolf, which is a fast paced track with a very fuzzed out down tuned heavy rock groove. Kent Stump plays some killer psychedelic guitar solos on every track, no matter how long or short, he knows the importance of this and damn, he is good… The Manchurian Syndrome is next and has quite political lyrics to go with the heavy stoner blues riff. Company Man speeds things up but has a very cool short spaced out section and great solo. The title track ends Side A and slows things down a lot with some nice slide guitar. Side B only has 3 tracks including the vinyl only track. Day of Judgement starts things off and features some really cool guitar breaks with a nice use of effects. From Beyond starts slow, heavy, spacey, almost scary, as the title suggests and then the monster riff slowly develops. Stoner Doom! It speeds up at the end. The Zubembie track is a very spaced out instrumental jam. Damn cool stuff. Holy War starts slide C in a slow bluesy way as it slowly grooves along as just vocals and raw guitar. I like this. Something totally different and it fades out and El Brujo takes over with it’s heavy fuzzed out guitar. The solo part in this track is really cool with a long delay and side to side tracking. Great stuff. Rising River is also a brilliant track with some awesome guitar as the bass and drums just keep the groove going. Flip to the last side D and it starts off with Dreams of Milk and Honey. This is another stoner blues rock track with a really cool spacey flangy guitar solo that fades out. They’re coming for your Barbara is one of the faster tracks on the record and starts off with some ripping guitar right out of the gate! The record ends with Runnin’ the Voodoo Down and this has some really cool extra percussion and psyched out guitar and is instrumental. This is a record that you really need to crank loud to get the full effect of the huge fuzzed out guitar sound. Great stuff…

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