Saturday, December 3, 2011

Vidunder- Asmodeus 7” (Crusher Records CR015)

Vidunder is a new Swedish hard rock trio and this is their debut release. The title track starts things off and this has a quite catchy guitar riff and you will recognize quite quickly that you can’t understand what he is singing (unless you are Scandinavian, perhaps) as he sings in Swedish. I like the added percussion and drums on this track at the beginning and in a few other parts. Overall, this is not a very strong song, just some strumming guitar, no guitar solo or interesting musical break really. Flip the record over and you have Witches’ Shuffle. This has a heavier bass line and is a real Status Quo like shuffle, as the title suggests but the guitar is more tuned down. This track he sings in English but he is not that easy to understand and does not sing that well. Both the songs are written by the singer and guitarist, Martin Prim. Sadly, I was not that impressed with this band as it is a bit too simple and not that interesting. Hope they have a nice evolution with their next releases. 

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