Saturday, December 3, 2011

Axis Mundi- Paths of Prakriti (Merlins Nose Records MN1004)

Axis Mundi is a group lead by Jon Reier Sylte and are from Trondhein, Norway. Jon wrote all the songs and plays most of the instruments as well but he has some help from a few friends. There are 12 tracks in 45mins of music inspired by the Grateful Dead, Dylan, Pearls before Swine, Octopus Syng and other 60s bands. It is primarily acoustic guitar driven but also includes flute and piano and many other instruments as well. Kingdome Come even had a bit of country twinge to it. Devil’s Eye is the closest to psychedelic stuff they perform on this record. Oh Surrender features some sitar and is a very nice track. There are many excellent and diverse tracks on this beautifully crafted work for a relaxing afternoon or Sunday morning to start the day. Happy music…

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