Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Electric Moon- Doomsday Machine (Nasoni Records 118)

Sula Bassana’s Electric Moon is back with their 4rd vinyl release amongst several live CD-rs released this year. The limited edition double vinyl LP with a poster of a very far out German artist Ulli Mahn (ala Ulla Papel) is very cool. The artwork is very special and hard to describe. The music is again seeing EM move into the heavy guitar psych realm. The LP features 5 tracks over 4 sides. Side A starts with the long title track and this is truly spaced out stuff with some really crazy looped psych out guitar and almost drone like vocal by Lulu that makes this really fuck with your head! A totally spaced out track. Kleiner Knaller is a short track that starts side B before the longer Spaceman. It starts with a slow build in tempo with mainly drums and guitar as a kind of hypnotic groove starts and then the fuzzed out guitar kicks in. It also has some softly spoken space vocals by Lulu as Sula totally spaces on the guitar. Stardust service (side C) starts off very heavy and features some highly effected spoken word vocals by Lulu. The track has a quite cool down sections of really spacey music before it builds up again with a very psyched out sound that really fucks with your head! This is my favourite track on this double LP. Side 4 is again one long jammed out track called Feigenmonolog. This track is a real slow builder as the guitar just gets more and more intense and louder also (at least it feels that way) as Lulu and Pablo keep the rhythm steady and moving forward. Massive wall of wah fuzz and effects from Sula! I really like the slow spacey delay wah guitar section that slowly builds up again. Sula is becoming the master of the spaced out psych wah fuzz guitar riff (he rarely plays guitar solos if at all on this record).  The band seems to be using up all their ideas now though but quite a monster experience. Be blow away…… Fans of White Hills should start worshipping at the Electric Moon!

          I should also mention that Sulatron just released their live concert CD-r called Flaming Lake on a double vinyl record as well. I already did a detailed review of this LP previously (Link) but this sounds better than the CD-R. I think it is limited to 300 copies on black vinyl.

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