Saturday, December 3, 2011

Ätman- Acron- 108 Luciferian Neutronic Eyes 7” (Doomentia Records DOOM041)

This 7” has amazing packing and features really long songs for a 7”, with both sides like 9-10mins each. I did not know it was possible to do such long songs on a 7”. Sadly, I have not idea which side is which as the labels are exactly the same on both sides and it does make a difference as one of the side is fucking really cool and the other good but not mind blowing like the other side. Why can’t labels clearly label the record and also say that is plays on 33rpm. Anyway, the side I have no know starts slow and spacey and then the Doomy sound starts and they have a quite cool psychedelic guitar throughout the end of this track. It ends with a spoken word sample about Roswell New mexico. This side starts spacey with some eastern sitar stuff that has some effects on it and then the riff slowly enters in. This track really builds on a repetitive guitar riff but then gets totally psyched out big time but still stays heavy. Wow.. powerful stuff. A very promising new band.

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