Saturday, December 3, 2011

Keep off the Grass Compilation (Fruits de Mers Records)

This is a damn cool psychedelic rock compilation with a lot of cool bands doing classic and obscure songs. IT is limited to 500 copies on vinyl only with no CD or downloads, just Coloured vinyl with fantastic artwork and gatefold sleeve. There are 19 tracks with bands from all across Europe and the USA, some bands I know like Bevis Frond, Octopus Syng, Earthling Society, Sendelica, and Sky Picnic but the rest of the acts are new to me. All tracks are exclusive as well. What are my favorites?? The Seventh Ring of Saturn do a very cool version of a song I had never heard before. Sendelica’s version of the Amboy Dukes classic is also great. Jay Tausig really impresses me and here is a great version of the Nazz song open my Eyes. The past Tense lay down a cool version of Shattered with some great psych guitar. Dead Sea Apes do a really psychedelic version of a Skip Spence track. The Daedalus Spirit Orchestra performs a unique take on White Rabbit by Jefferson Airplane. Most bands just do it really similar to the original, but not here. Cool…  I love the Bevis Frond take on the Sky Saxon Blues band song, Creepin’ Around. The closer, Earthling Society performing the Chocolate Watch band, is also really good..

King Penguin- Thoughts And Words (The Byrds
The Seventh Ring Of Saturn- Ten Thousand Words In A Cardboard Box (The Aquarian Age)
Stay- Back Of Your Mind - live (The Nazz)
Permanent Clear Light- Cymbaline (Pink Floyd)
Sendelica- Journey To The Center Of The Mind (The Amboy Dukes)
Jay Tausig- Open My Eyes (The Nazz)
Zombies of the Stratosphere- Sunshine River (Gemini)
The Past Tense- Shattered (The Good Feelin's)
The Bevis Frond- Creepin' Around (The Sky Saxon Blues Band)
Hills Have Riffs- Down By The River (The Godz)
Dead Sea Apes, featuring Gabriel Minnikin- Land Of The Sun (Skip Spence)
Cranium Pie's Baking Research Station- Welcome To The Citadel (Marc Brierley)
Sky Picnic- Revolution(Tomorrow)
Octopus Syng- Midsummer Night's Scene (John's Children)
The Daedalus Spirit Orchestra- White Rabbit (Jefferson Airplane)
The Luck of Eden Hall- Something In The Air (Thunderclap Newman)
Langor - Rain (The Beatles)
Earthling Society- Dark Side Of The Mushroom (The Chocolate Watch Band)
Extra- Utterly Simple (Traffic)

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