Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Secret Saucer- Four on the Floor (Secret Saucer Music)

US based Secret Saucer are back with their 4th record. Time spent out of Mind starts off a bit like You shouldn’t do that my Hawkwind but goes into its own directions soon after except the steady drum beat. Another HW riff comes in later as well with some cool guitar by Nick Riff but then it becomes much more electronic. Cool track. Daxdal is a very cool and psychedelic space rock track. Awaken caught me totally by surprise with the vocals, as all the other SS albums are completely instrumental. This is a beautiful acoustic guitar track with some spacey sounds in the background as it floats on. Reminds me of Darxtar. The Dark Rift is a short synthesizer piece that leads into the Celestial Spigot and this track features Greg Klucher on Saxophone. There is a really nice interaction on this track between the way the sax lines are interlayed with the other instruments on this relaxed and more jazzy track. Four on the Floor is very Pink Floyd inspired and once again features some vocals. Aegean Bridge is a pretty melodic track with some repetitive parts and very keyboard lead until the very end where there is a short guitar solo that sounds like it was aborted almost. Strange. Notch is another short deep space synth piece. The final track is a pretty cool and totally unique version of A Saucer full of Secrets by Pink Floyd with a long keyboard intro. Secret Saucer has laid down another very nice trip to the cosmos, hope you enjoy the flight!

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