Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Paradise 9- State of the Nation (2011 Paradise 9)

The UK psychedelic rock band, Paradise 9 is back with a new EP. This is a very special EP as it contains the last material that Judge Trev (he was in Iron Maiden in 1969 and best known for his work with Nik Turner in Inner City Unit) recorded before leaving this planet due to pancreatic cancer. He plays guitar on the opening title track. Gregg sings with a really cool almost snotty British vocal, which I really like. This is a high energy, punky psych rocker with a spaced out mid section with two guitar solos and spacey synths. Very cool stuff. Is this the Time, is another short 3½ minute track with a nice melodic thread and quite cool guitar. Ocean Rise is a longer, nearly 7 min instrumental track that starts very spacey with some nice bass guitar before the clarinet melts into the spacey soundscape. Excellent track. The CD ends with Distant Dreams and again features Judge Trev on acoustic guitar, a spacey power ballad with excellent very positive lyrics. At the very end it sounds a lot like You know your only Dreaming by Hawkwind. This is a great release from a cool band. If you like a bit punky psych rock, check this out at Soundawesome.

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