Sunday, October 16, 2011

Electric Moon/Glowsun split LP (Sulatron Records st1103)

This is a damn cool split LP featuring the French band, Glowsun and the Germany psych rock band, Electric Moon (Sula Bassana). Fantastic cover artwork for the gatefold. It has been a couple of years since Glowsun released anything new. It is pressed in 500 copies and they are all numbered as well. Glowsun with a song called Death’s Face starts the record off quite spacey and I was surprised that all their songs were now instrumental as nearly all the songs had vocals on their last record and only one or two instrumental songs. Nice bass lines as the guitars mostly just space out. The drums have a very dry sound when they kick in that I don’t much like. Ugh.. Anyway, the stoner rock section kicks in after awhile and a cool wah guitar is added to the mix as the band sound a bit like Monkey 3 for this section but more organic and cooler. Lost Soul has a very melodic interplay with the bass and guitar to start this one, which is also quite spacey and then the really heavy almost doomy riff kicks in. Powerful stuff. Monkey Time starts with monkeys recorded at the zoo, I suppose as the guitar slowly layers into the track and a riff appears and the band kick into the stoner rock groove but then the band spaces out a bit with some cool psychedelic guitar work. Great song. I was quite surprised to hear Glowsun move into this Monkey 3, My Sleeping Karma totally instrumental spacey groove area. They have more grit, guts and power and not so clean as the aforementioned bands.

          Flip the record over and you get two really psychedelic tracks by Electric Moon. The first one is called Trip Trip Trip. Dave is playing some really spectacular spaced out guitar, which is really the main reason you listen to EM. Lulu and Alexander maintain the steady flow which gives Dave room to reach for the cosmos. A mind tripper. Wow..  Lost and Found Souls is next and the band try to top that heavy spacedout track. IT starts with a very dark and heavy fuzzed out riff, a bit like White Hills style stuff and Dave adds some delay and it has a more spaced out sound. The next section is kind of doomy towards the end with a very intense guitar. Then they shift into a section where Lulu repeats “we’ve got to stock together over and over”, and this did not do much for me but damn the part after she stops talking is really psyched out and a killer heavy guitar riff! I wish Dave would do some more lead soloing but damn he has fucking cool spaced out guitar sound at the moment. This is the best EM stuff on record for sure.

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