Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Blood Ceremony and Sinister Creation- The Rock, Copenhagen 10/17/11

 I was really surprised that around 100 people showed up for this show on a Monday night. I have both the Blood Ceremony records but missed them when they were in Denmark with Electric Wizard and I also missed them at Roadburn. Anyway, local doom rockers, Sinister Creation started the night and played to about 35-45 people and really rocked the house on this night. They opened with the new song 42nd Street. I saw them a few weeks ago and it was not that good a show but in just a few weeks, the band really rose up. Songs were tighter, more guitar solos and a bit of delay on martin’s voice made a huge difference. Martin was totally into it and a great front man. They played a short like 35mins set. The band said they just recorded 3 songs on the weekend and will probably use two of them for split 7” releases. Cool. The bass player and guitarist in Blood Ceremony really liked Sinister Creation, which is good news for this young band. The bass player even got a shirt and wore it.

          As for Blood Ceremony, they hit the stage about 22 and played for a bit less than 70mins and a good mix of old and new songs. They had some new upper PA speakers at the ROCK so the sound was a bit better than I had expected but stil the drums were too loud, especially the kick drum, which totally blocked out the bass player but you could hear the guitar nicely at least. They opened with The Great God Pan. The highlight of the show was the track Oliver Haddo. Wow.. fantastic. They also played a brand new song called The Eldrich Dark. I shot a video that you can see below. Return to Forever, Hymn to Pan and one other track from the first record was played. It was a very good show. Alia is a very nice person and great front lady, playing organ, flute and singing. I just wish the band would do a bit of jamming as they have great long song structures where Alia could do a longer organ solo and Sean a longer guitar solo for sure but they play the songs exactly as on the records, which is a bit boring for me. Still, I enjoyed seeing them live. Great melodic progressive doom rock!

Set List: The Great God Pan, Return to Forever, The Master of Confusion, The Eldrich Dark, Oliver Haddo, Coven Tree, Hymn to Pan 

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  1. blood ceremony are great! I just experienced them at a German festival called Hammer Of Doom. btw: what do you think of the latest The Devil's Blood album?