Wednesday, October 5, 2011

White Hills- Measured Energy 7” (Trensmont Records TR024)

White Hills is back with another rare 7” that went out of print very quickly. I feel very lucky to have found a copy. The title track (might not be as the 7” has only a white label so there is no way to know which side is which) is a totally far out soundscape with what sounds like a mix of guitar with lots and lots of effects and some synthesizers. No drums or percussion at all. This sounds just as far out on 33rpm as 45rpm, the intended speed of play. The B-side(??), The uncommon parallel that resides between your fingertips, is also a strange experimental piece of music with strange sounds, a repeated synth drone that weird stuff is layered underneath or over the top and new sounds coming in and going back and forth from right to left. Not your hard rocking spaced out stuff but the experimental side of the band.


  1. Hey Scott, not sure if you are aware but there is another release in the 'The Process' series that will probably sell out real soon if it hasn't already:
    (search for White Hills)

    Basically a 40 minute or so jam on cassette or CD-r that is far more melodic than the Trensmat release and a must-have IMHO.

    Apparently there is a split album with Farflung planned too on the Cobraside label.

  2. Yes.. I already ordered the cassette but could find no info on the Farflung-White Hills split. Thanks..