Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sir Reg and Rovers Ahead- BETA, København May 12th, 2011

My friend Juba’s band, Sir Reg was in town for their first date on the first headline tour of Denmark, Germany and France for the next 16 days. I was on the guest list +1 so I invited my friend Finn to join. I had seen him a month ago at Roadburn. We met and had a beer and chatted and Juba was also around. There were no people at all until 5mins before the local Irish rock band, Rovers Ahead started and suddenly there was like 40 people! There was a lot of people outside who were all attending the French Hip Hop concert at Amager Bio…
         Anyway, Ravers Ahead have an Irish singer plus a guy who plays mandolin or banjo, guitar, bass, violin, drums and a new accordion player who played on the first two songs and the last two songs but none of the others. They had some good lyrics and played very well but musically did not offer much. None of the members played any instrumental solos the entire concert. I think that is a bit boring when you have such a cool line up of instruments to play. They played like an hour and started 15 mins late so this left not that much time for Sir Reg.

          Sadly, when Sir Reg started there were only 10 people left and even the members from the other band were not around at all, which is very sad to see that they don’t even support the visiting band. The Irish singer for the first band was around for 3-4 songs but mostly gone as well. Anyway, Sir Reg is a great band and in a totally different league from the first band. They have a great female violin (fiddle) player, a bazzuku player, bass, acoustic guitar and electric guitar. The drummer also has a laptop with plays some pre-recorded keyboards and stuff on a few of the songs. They play pretty uptempo Irish rock and the lead singer from Ireland, has a great sense of humor and a cool voice. This is very fun music but musically I also feel like a band like this can do more, as there are also almost no solos beyond an occasionally extended fiddle section. Anyway, I had a really nice time.

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