Sunday, May 22, 2011

Gingerpig- Dimlighted Heart 7” (Suburban Records BURB 079)

Gingerpig is a new Dutch band from Gorefest guitar and vocalist Mr. Boudewijn. I was given this 7” record at their invite only debut concert at the Roadburn festival. This single is hand numbered in 500 copies and most were given away when you bought stuff at the Burning World record stand at the festival or the debut gig. Anyway, the Dimlighted Heart is a long track split over the two sides and is like real 70s classic power rock with a lot of cool synthesizer, organ and powerful vocals. The guitar and drive of the track reminds me a lot of later day Spiritual Beggars material. The side B starts with some piano and organ and a slow bluesy guitar and builds up on the Moog playing and then suddenly comes back to the main theme of the song that was started on the A side. Very cool stuff and I really look forward to their full length record due out later in 2011.

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