Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Sula Bassana and Modulfix- Brain Wash (Sulatron st-cdr009)

Sula and Modulfix are back with another very cool release. I think this is my favourite of all the ones they have made. The last one was called Pingpong and released in last year. I think this is their 4th CD-r release. Anyway, it features 6 tracks and some very cool Lulu artwork.  The CD starts with a very cool track with primitive drum machine rhythm and this more wild layers of synths, sound effects, etc.. A sort of very spacey trance music without the techno beat. Brain Wash is a sort of space rock track starting with some cool guitar by Sula, who also plays bass, drums and lots of other instruments. It’s hypnotic, groovy, and highly psychedelic. Great track. Horta is next and starts slow and spacey with some bells, and then acoustic guitar comes in as the track has a sort of haunted feeling and features some wonderful guitar from Sula. Another real trance song. Marsmellow is the shortest track on the CD at 6½ mins. It starts with a very cool synth bass line and is very hypnotic as well. Fortschritt is a more spacey electronic piece. Rossos Traum is a long space out track to end this Lulu even gets to play some didgeridoo. I think all the best ideas of Sula and Modulfix have really come together on this record. Surely their best!

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