Saturday, January 22, 2011

Tracker- How I became an Alien (Sulatron)

Tracker is a new young Austrian band. The EP is released on limited edition vinyl and also as a CD with bonus material. The CD I got for review has 9 tracks and is 59 minutes and you must crank this up LOUD. The CD starts with a track that is a bit like Brant Bjork with a repetitive guitar groove and some laid back vocals. The tracks gets a bit spacey at the end and they even throw in some piano. Recommended Fool starts with some acoustic strummed guitar before the heavy low end kicks in. This is a melodic and pretty cool track with a very slight western desert feel to it. Sadly this track ends just as they start to take it somewhere interesting. Blower (nothing to do with the Voi Vod song) is a fast paced track. The band experiment with the kaossilator pad and space out a bit in the middle, before taking the track back into high gear. The Hypnotized was a pretty boring track but short. Impregnated Eye starts slow with a melodic guitar and some synth sounds before the track explodes and is one of the more psychedelic rockers on the record. Window Shopping is the last track on the vinyl and starts with a pretty cool guitar as the bass and drums come in and this one really rocks. It is a bit like QOTSA but more noisy and wild with some intense drumming. Deregulate, Below Radar and Blender are the 3 bonus tracks and is 19 minutes of music. Deregulate is an uptempo track with the melodic singing part again reminding me of QOTSA but this has a killer groove that the band rides when it gets more spaced out with the kaossilator pad again. Below Radar keeps the pace fast but does not really add anything new before the band starts to space out and experiment a bit. Blender is a more indie rock style track but they throw in their own unique elements. I like the basic record but the extra tracks did not do much for me. Buy the vinyl!

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  1. Hi Scott. I've just found your blog (already subscribed to it, by the way :)) and I'd like to thank You and OSC members for all incredible albums and all that improvised mind-blowing live shows ( rules :) )! Hope to see OSC live one day (it's a pity that you have shows in Germany but not in Czech Republic).