Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Us and Them- And I Observed the Blue Sky (Withdrawn Music 006 2022)

Us and Them is a Swedish duo.  I first reviewed them when they appeared on one of the Fruits der Mer compilations doing a cover of Julia Dream or was it the Sandy Denny tribute??  The duo of Anders Håkansson and Britt Ronnholm, have been around making music since 2005 and their last full length record was in 2018. This album features 11 tracks of some very beautiful music.  Inspired by UK folk, Swedish folk and more modern styles..  Where wonder comes From starts things off with acoustic guitar, keyboards (by Per Lindblom) and Britt on vocals. The way the keyboard follows the slowly spoken vocal is a nice touch. Looks like it is Clearing Up features some drums and bass as well as acoustic guitar and female voice (sometimes in layers). A beautiful song. Evening Song also features Per on keyboards.  There is some flute on this track and interesting lyrics. (Here I end Up) When I Dream is quite simple but a very emotional song. Some very nice guitar parts. In Bude is a more popular like music number but also a bit dark edge with the way the bowed instrument is used. The title track features piano, keys and vocals. In between Times uses keyboards to accent the guitar on this slow moving track. Vocals are almost spoken word at times. Fogwalking uses some bells at times on this slightly faster lightly strummed acoustic number and one of the longer ones on the CD. A Blessing or a Curse (video below) and  August Evenings brings some drums and bass back. Decline finishes off this new album by the Swedish duo.. Not sure if they plan to tour or what? The music is all very relaxed and laid back and quite beautiful.  The band prove you can do a lot with out too much instrumentation.  Enjoy...



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