Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Sons of Adam- Saturday´s Sons (The Complete Recordings 1964-66) (High Moon Records HMR013)

Sons of Adam was a short lived group that featured Randy Holden (Blue Cheer) and Craig Tarwater later playing in LOVE. Some of the guys also played in a surf band called Fender IV and some of those tracks are also included at the very end.  I have never heard any of this material.  There are all the tracks from the 3 singles the band released and then about 30mins of live material that is all unreleased.  This shows the more raw like Mr Sun, reminds me of early Pretty Things, Animals (no organ in this band). They also do a version of the THEM song, Gloria! Having a bit of jam. Your a better man that I (Yardbirds) is a really good version as well. The CD comes with a big booklet with a full history and interviews with some of the guys including Randy Holden. The end section is an article about a woman who used to book shows for them from the Fender IV days thru Sons of Adam days and travel with the band, etc…   You can hear the roots of some more hard rocking sound than what was happening in CA at the time but certainly Pretty Things, Animals, Kinks, had some as heavy or heavier riffs than these..  Anyway, I enjoyed hearing this….  Check it out… Nice package..

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