Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Astral Magic- Alien Visitations (Noiseagonymayhem NAM002)

This is the latest and the 8th/9th release for 2022 by the space music project by Santtu Laakso based in Helsinki. This is a limited edition tape in 50 copies. It is mostly instrumental but he does sing on Crop Circles, Cloud Diving and there are some spoken words on Return to the Space Cabin.  He uses a wide range of Moog and other synthesizers on these 13 tracks.  The music is quite relaxed at times but always spacey. There is use of drum machines on some tracks and some bass guitar but it is mostly very synth based. This is one of the rare recent releases with no guest musicians at all.  Pretty cool stuff, once again…    Look out for the next released in Sept, a limited edition CD in 100 copies featuring Jonathan Segel (Sista Maj, Camper Van Beethoven, Oresund Space Collective)… 





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