Monday, March 29, 2021

Floorian- Then Dark (SKP005)

Ohio based psych rock band Floorian are back with a new record. The bands 6th. I have followed this band since my friend Jerry had the band send me their CD some years ago. This CD is 7 tracks and about 45mins. The opening number is a nice spacey track with some acoustic guitar and a laid back vocal. Spool starts with some guitar and an ominous mood with an almost Spanish flavour to it. A bit experimental. Here Lies reminds me a bit of mid-era Sundial a bit with its relaxed flowing mood and vocal. IT gets a bit hypnotic as the main theme is repeated over and over. I missed a solo in this section. On Control starts slowly with just a low droning synth, guitar and voice. This builds up to one of the more heavy tracks with some cool guitar, deep vocals and a more psychedelic vibe. Cool track. Serpo starts off with some bubbling synths-space sounds and an effected guitar that creates a very mellow and spacey atmosphere. The keyboards play a much more major role on this track than any of the ones before. Beautiful dreamy melodies on this one. Cyclorama brings a mid-eastern doom feel as a major contrast to the last track.  The breakdown in the middle with a long delay vocal was a totally unexpected transition down to just bass and guitar.  A repeated line is played over and over for a bit and then a lead guitar starts to emerge. Great and diverse track. The Unknown Soon closes out this album with a strange noise start and distant voice. IT is a strange one this track and interesting way to end the album with an experimental sound collage of sorts that gets more intense and nasty, as it evolves.  Thanks guys for sending me the actual CD. It is greatly appreciated.

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