Sunday, January 17, 2021

The Chemistry Set- Paint me a Dream 7” (Hypnotic Bridge Records)

The UK psych band, The Chemistry Set is back with their new single and not released on Fruits de Mer but a Los Angeles based label, Hypnotic Bridge Records. The A side is an original track and I love the more heavy guitar and the way it cuts through the mix at times on this over all 60s inspired rock track but with TCS, trademark sound.    

The B-side is a cover of the song, the Witch by Mark Fry.  I probably never heard the original.  This is something very different from the A side which is a rocker, this is more of an experimental folky strange track to start and then it rocks and psyches out! The bio mentions Red Krayola and I think that is pretty accurate. Another excellent release.  The single is released Feb 12th.. Great work again.. 

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  1. Nice cover!! The original: