Sunday, January 17, 2021

Circle- Hymiö (Ruton Music RUT-041)

This is the first new Circle music in a couple of years and the longs break in releases since the band began 20 years ago.  The thing with Circle is that their musical catalog is so diverse, this tape could be anything from extreme metal, metronomic kraut, ambient, noise… Who knows?? So what it is. .. This appears to be the first ever release by the quartet of Dawson-Lehtisalo-Rättö-Westerlund. It was produced by Tomi Leppänen. Anyway.. this stuff is mellow and does not feature any drums. Floating music with some nice keyboards and cool vibe.  There is about 30mins of music with one long track on each side. The tape is only release was in an edition of 150. I think there are still copies available. I would say this is only for the die hard collectors.

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