Sunday, January 24, 2021


Soothsayer Orchestra is Pieter Hendriks from the Dutch bands Reaching Forward, Born From Pain en Black Bottle Riot.  I have never heard these bands but I like a lot of the music on Lay Bare Recordings. This album features 9 tracks, where Pieter plays all the instruments (drums, acoustic guitar, organ, vocals, etc..).  The opening track you get to hear all these instruments.  Black Velvet Deathbed is dark but also quite some interesting melodies that go into indie rock after the dark piano intro.  Euryale has a nice organ, acoustic guitar, handclaps and some of the vocals are spoken word (with or without effects). Dead Lovers Eden starts with some drums and then the electric guitar and a happier vocal (not dark and gruff, like most of the other songs).  Heaven Seeker continues similar to the last with electric guitar, minimal piano lines, brooding vocals and music. Quite haunting at times but more uptempo, almost rocking at the end. The Gallow Awaits is mainly just piano and vocals and of course a dark subject. The Rooster Calls, the beginning vocal reminds me of a track by Black Space Riders and this is one of the more rocking tracks. Bedelhym is a short less than 2min track with that slow dark Tom Waits like vocal. A bit of synth is heard amongst the acoustic guitar.  Amidst the Coiled Snakes ends this dark emotional album. This track features a guest female vocal and is one of my fave tracks on the album. 

This is an extremely diverse and personal record.  Tom Waits is for sure a huge inspiration. This is very different from what I listen to normally and also from what is released on the label.  Good work… 

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