Saturday, May 9, 2020

Gas Giant- Earthward Ascend (Self Released)

Well, as you most know, I used to play in the Danish band Gas Giant.   They guys are still around and working on some archive releases but this is a new Dutch band. I was in contact with them saying that they should choose another band name but oh well. You can choose what you like. 

Anyway, I have been following them and they just released a few weeks ago this 5 song EP on bandcamp.  Liquid Core start things off with a sort of old school Obsessed like Doom rocker. Really nice psychedelic guitars in the mid section.  Electric Maze has a vocal like Fu Manchu at times and feel but slower and heavier until they decide to groove and rock out!! Kingdom starts with a heavy wah guitar and they kick into the groove and take off…  Gritty sound on this track and some intense guitar parts. Enlightenment is slower and doomy with some dark nasty guitar riffs. Powerful sound.  Venus ends this EP and starts slow and stoney with a longish guitar solo part. They totally rock out at the end.  Nothing like the Danish Gas Giant but some kick ass stoner rock with lots of cool guitars.. I dug it….

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