Saturday, May 9, 2020

Sula Bassana- CV Sessions (Sulatron)

The virus pandemic has given everyone a good reason to make music, since we are all locked up..  It has been a while since Dave released something under this name.  This digital only (at the moment) release starts off with A nice Constellation of Planets.  A deep bass synth, a drum machine and some spaced out sounds sets the course for deep dark space. The bass synth slowly mutates into a sort of lead synth as the sound get more freaky and hypnotic. More layers are added as the track goes along. Trippy stuff..  Wtf? A repeated vocal sample, spaced sounds, sampled table like drums, deep bass synth and off we go.  The effected vocal is trippy. Love that analog bass..  Wollschweber features some guitar to compliment the slow dark mood of the bass synth.  Short track. What is Reality also features guitar and the mood is grim, like something bad is going to happen.  Ruins of Civilisation is a very long track and has a drifting feeling with the music coming in waves over the main bass line. Also a quite dark menacing creature lurks in the corner and smiles.  The guitar line brings him a bit of happiness. The mood changes when the more new age synth kicks in and everyone is happy again.  Hypnotic and a long journey into the unknown.. What can you say??? Dave is amazing and super talented.. A killer trip…. Take it…. You can purchase this now on CD (April 2020). The CD features 4 additional tracks This will also be out on vinyl on Pancromatic, Norway later in the year. 

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