Saturday, May 9, 2020

Sky Cries Mary- Secrets of a Red Planet (Trail Records 022)

I was really surprised that this band had a new record. My friend Keith was a big fan of this band. The band have a very special style and still have both male and female vocals on a set of very emotional tracks. This is the bands first studio album in 11 years!!  It features 5 long tracks, each around 10mins and one shorter track.  Some of the stuff is really spacey at times and a mixture of cool electronics, guitars, effects, spoken words or sung. IT is a band that is quite hard to describe actually.  It only features one original member though and Ben, who has also played with the band in the past.  Psychedelic music for the 21st century??

1       Waves Of Mourning  7:31
2       Die Of Laughter         12:35
3       Intermezzo        3:50
4       Trapeze Dancer         11:45
5       Drunken Pilot   9:23
6       Born From My Mouth       9:14

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