Sunday, December 8, 2019

The Ivory Elephant- StoneFace (Bilocation Records ARTIFACT 59)

This is an Australian band that has been around since 2012 but  since 2017 have 4 releases on their bandcamp site. I really liked their last album and was happy to hear they had this new on in 2019.  The album features 10 tracks and starts off with a droned organ followed by guitar on the lead track, Storm.  The bass slowly rolls in on this nice stoney track. The vocal sounds really nice with the effected guitar to give a totally different vibe.  At 4mins the track really takes off in a new direction and the guitar becomes more intense.  Maybe I’m Evil also starts slow but with a more driving drum rhythm. The effected guitar and vocals are back. Love some of the pedals he uses on the solos and other parts, Nice. Wars is a long bluesy track with a really nice groove. Roll on features some really cool guitar. Jazzhead Part1 closes side A and is focused primarily on dual guitar and bass with no drums. A beautiful 2 min track. Low Expectation brings back the energy with a nice drive and a catchy riff. Stoneface Jambourie is a lovely track with some keyboards, acoustic guitars, banjo (?), sitar, etc… The title track is next and starts with a piano line, a bit beautiful but also dark at times. The guitar lines is quite Pink Floyd like but the track just flows and is the longest one on the album. Awesome vibe. Hard Case is another bluesy one with a female guest vocalist. The band have done a great job of coming up with a lot of outstanding songs on this record. The Jazzhead Part 2 finished the record.  Check this great band out. Hope they come to Europe one day..

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