Sunday, December 8, 2019

Mikkeline & Flux- Forvandlet (Traume Tone 002)

Mikkeline & Flux are a Danish trio (Ole- Drums, Percussion has played with Mental Midget, Strejfer, Fritz Fatal), Troels (Bass, Synth, backing vocal, has played with Sort Sol, The Poets, Henrik Olsen) and Mikkeline (Vocals, Guitar, Melodica, Ukelele). This album features 10 tracks. All the songs are sung in the Danish language. As they state in the promo sheet, this is Danish Rock. I normally don’t review bands like this at all but this is a female lead dark indie rock but with some unusual lyric (if you understand Danish), strange vocals (as on the first track Det Magiske Kontor- The Magic Office).  Skønhed I Mørket is another slow paced track but with a more dirty hard sound when it gets to the middle section and spaced out. Cool song. 

Frossen Ild focuses more on the vocals at the start before the rest of the band joins with some backing vocals, bass and drums. A sort of ballad. To Toner has a krautrock like bass line and a darker vibe.  Stjerenekasterøje ends side A. The vocal is a bit of a spoken word for some of it. Track reminds me a bit of Spids Nøgenhat if you took away all the psychedelic parts! A very nice song.  Side B starts off with Ugh! Så meget Pis!  Very garagy this one with a bit of strangeness thrown in as well with the discordant guitar. Svantes lykkelige dag keeps the vibe mellow to start but then this one starts to rock and the vibe vibrates between melodic and nasty.  Forvandlet although simple it is a very effective track with its dark mood and heavy bass line.  I like this one a lot. Skrig som Søløver is more of the same, a bit of a dark angry vibe on this album side. Dystre Strenge is more melodic and the vocals are very nice. Klovn ends this quite cool record. I had to hear it quite a few times before I really got into it. It is a grower and it helps if you understand Danish (at least if you can read it with the enclosed lyric sheet).  Check the links below.

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