Sunday, December 8, 2019


            Sonic Trip Project are a UK based space rock band. They have songs on many of their CD-R and digital releases but a lot of their output is improvised as this set from the great Psychedelic Network Festival in Würzburg, Germany that takes place every year at the end of November 2018.  A band cancelled due to illness at the last minute so this last minute show was added, which included special guest, festival organizer, Horst, also known as Sunhair!!  The band performed as their normal UK line up of Vince (Guitar, samples, synths), Barry (Synths), Darren (Drums) and Lee (Bass) and Daneel (Electronics).  Anyway, CD1 features 3 jams lasting an hour each one about 20mins give or take 2-4mins. The CD starts slow and spaced out with Tune in, Turn in, Space On and stays in this realm most of the time. The 2nd jam, Space-Rock-Space is a bit more of a sort of uptempo track.  Again, the guitar is pretty extreme in volume drowning out all the synth parts at times. There are some more rocking parts but it is mostly a laid back sonic trip! The last track, Space Freizeit starts very laid back and stays this way except for a few louder guitar solo sections.  You can hear the synths much better on this track than the others. CD 2 features 2 more 20min tracks for a 100min show.  Star Chaser starts things off with a slow building track based on a reoccurring guitar riff with synths sounds spaced here and there. Warp Back has a nice melodic guitar riff.  This was a cool concert but a bit more laid back than what I had hoped. Must have been really cool with the visuals as Kosmic Klaus is always amazing!!  The last track on the CD2 was recorded the next day and features Vince’s brother on lead guitar. This is a hell of a rocking 20min space rock track.  This also appears on the Sonic Trip Project- Atonium Sunflower LP released in December 2019 on Space Rock Productions.  Very cool release. Not sure this will make it on vinyl as it would have to be a triple LP!

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