Sunday, September 29, 2019

Dark Bottle- Piwee Pullo (Concorde Music Company CDC026)

Dark Bottle is another project of L. Don Ohkami, a banjo player residing in Tampere Finland.  All of his projects are quite eclectic and this is no exception. These are all original compositions except for the Dead Kennedy’s and Woody Guthrie covers.  Time to say Goodbye starts things off with a steady groove and some slide guitar/banjo to compliment the stand up bass and drums.  Tracks 1, 4 and 8 are Don originals, while tracks 6,7 and 9 are by the guitarist, Teemu. This track rocks out! Little Sadie is a short under 2min track and cited as traditional. Must be an old bluegrass track. This is a fast one with some great banjo picking and wah guitar to compliment it as the drummer just goes for it!  The Winnegago Warrior cover of the Dead Kennedys is so fantastic. I really enjoyed it. Don does a good Jello like vocal as well. You’re Toxic slows things down for a more relaxed bluegrassy track with accordion. Alternative Blue has some really funny lyrics and is a fun song with a sort of Pogues like Irish jig. Where Daddy At, is a more country like thing. Dark Bottle is one of the longest tracks on the album and brings back the heat, with a faster track and Teemu takes the lead on the vocals. A fun one that people can sing at the gig!! Tuomas the Taffel Robber has some great banjo picking and tells a fun story.  Great bluegrass style stuff. Keep Movin’ On is also sung by Teemu and features a more country vibe with some slide. All you facists bound to Lose, is a great version (Hear it below!). Wow.. Hello Old Friend is the closing track and a perfect one.

I really love liked this CD a lot and had to pick up the first album, 5 Euro Pizza, which comes as a really interesting pizza picture disc. Awesome.

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